Final Blog

This semester, I mostly learned how to be an effective reader.  I’m dyslexic, so I try to avoid reading at all costs.  Even when I do read, I hardly ever understand what it is that I just read.  Having this class and discussing exactly what we read over right after we read really helped me to learn exactly what points one should focus on while reading.  This skill, though it may seem minor, has actually helped me understand my textbooks in other classes as well.  By reading with the goal of being able to talk about the section afterwards, I have been able to read almost like I’m having a conversation with the book – a skill that is definitely helping me study for my finals!
I didn’t really set any goals for myself this semester other than to pass all of my classes. However, being able to effectively read has definitely aided in accomplishing this goal. I’m not sure where all I still need to work in order to be the best student I can be, but I know that if I had more time in my life, I’d be doing a whole lot better (but wouldn’t we all?)!
Honestly, the most helpful parts of the course were the discussions (as explained earlier) and having the simple quizzes. I like the fact that the quizzes weren’t difficult and merely were obvious key points that should have been seen if read (though some of the points I didn’t notice). The discussions really allowed for a greater understanding of the important parts of the readings (such as the author’s intentions, character analysis, and understanding the time in which the stories were written).