In Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein”, there is a strong emphasis on nature and the effects nature has on those who notice it.  Shelly uses nature as a tool to set the mood of the scene as well as to change the mood of the characters.  For example, in the beginning of chapter 2, the scene is set as a raining morning with “thick mists” that hid the mountains.  Victor is affected by this weather; it made him feel “unusually melancholy”, “miserable”, and he even states, “The rain depressed me”.  Shelly really emphasized that the negative weather truly impacts the characters in the novel.

The environmental nature definitely effects human feelings, but does it effect human nature?  In Seattle, Washington (where my parents live), it tends to rain quite a lot in the mornings.  This rain has been thought to be related to the high depression rank (6th place in America), suicide rank (27th place), crime rank (25th rank), and even divorce rank (24th place).  They experience an average of about 200 cloudy days per year! However, found that as weather warms up, crime rates sky rocket! The reason is thought to be because of the increased number of interactions people have during the warmer months in the year.

Based on the information above, I would most certainly agree that the environmental nature changes human nature. Although, I suppose one could argue that the change in whether just provides more opportunities for different actions.


4 thoughts on “Nature

  1. I think it is very intriguing and a valid point that you mentioned Seattle. Especially all the statistics you pointed out. I mean just with my personal narrative. I have noticed that I am happier on days when the sun is out and shinning. But in contrast when its cloudy and rainy I am also elated because that means I get to have a pajama day and read books, watch Netflix, and drink tea. I think in the novel that nature represents a divine being, or maybe even that life is more than just what meets the eye.

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  2. I personally am not affected by the weather when it comes to my mood. I can’t speak for anyone else though. I find it kind of weird that humans can be so easily influenced by something like the weather. I think you shouldn’t worry to much about things you have no control over such as the weather. Just be happy.


  3. I am in completely agree the weather has the ability to change moods and peoples mindsets. I like how you mentioned the rain depressing him because you can equate the rain to his tears.


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